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What to do in Dubai in one day

Updated: September 12, 2021

What to do in Dubai in one day

Travelling long distance by plane often require a transit. If you travel to Asia there are high chances that your stop will be in Dubai. Why not staying there for one day on the occasion? Dubai is an interesting city and has a lot to offer. Therefore, it could be quite challenging to plan you one day stay. What to visit, where to stay and where to eat? I will try to make your decisions a bit easier!

Here are a few tips on what to do in Dubai if you only have one day!

Plan for one day visit:
  • Hotel

If you only have one day, it is a good idea to stay close to the airport. Dubai is a big city and you have to now that you will have to commute there either by car or public transport.

If you are looking for a good hotel with outstanding views I can recommend Hotel Address Boulevard.

- What to do in Dubai in one day

  • Desert Safari

So, what to do in Dubai first? Wake up really early for sunrise Dubai Safari! There are several available options for the tourists to get their safaris selected from. Generally, all major hotels and resorts will get such trips organized when asked for by their clients. You can find more information here.

If you never have been in the desert it is worth it to wake up early and experience it! The views are really breathtaking.

- What to do in Dubai in one day

  • Walk in Dubai Marina

The Marina, called initially Westside, looks set to become one of the main tourist attractions for the travellers in the years to follow. Marina offers plenty of restaurants and cafes, so it is a prefect place to go for lunch after your morning desert safari. Here you can also admire the outstanding, modern architecture of the city.

- What to do in Dubai in one day

  • The Dubaj Frame

The perfect ending of Dubai experience will be climbing some hight skyscraper for amazing views! I will recommend Dubai Frame. It is a bit outside of the city centre, so you will have a perfect view of the whole city. It also has a glass floor through which you can see the ground! Wait there for the sunset to have the perfect ending of the day!


I hope you enjoyed reading my article and now you know what do do in Dubai in one day! For more travel tips click here!


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  10. Yes to all of these things! I would also recommend the Dubai Fountains, which have light shows to music on the hour, it’s especially cool at night. You can watch from a restaurant at the Dubai Mall, which I also recommend. Global Village is also very cool, with local shops and food and vendors from all around the world. And make sure you ride a camel too! 🐪 I lived near Dubai for a few years, so I could go on forever! 😊

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