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The Perfect African Safari

The Perfect African Safari

Many people dream of going on safari; seeing animals in the natural habitat and experiencing the beauty of the African landscape. A boutique hotel offers luxurious surroundings with an outstanding backdrop.

Where is it?

Many safari holidays are based in South Africa and Kenya. South Africa is one of the largest African countries, located at the bottom of the continent, whilst Kenya is further north on the east coast of Africa.

Where can I stay?

The beauty of staying at a boutique hotel is that it offers you the comfort and luxury you would expect from a city hotel, whilst also allowing you to experience the unique landscape. The Makanyane Lodge in South Africa is set within a huge game reserve and features just eight suites, whose design includes indoor and outdoor showers and glass walls so that your view of the park is undisturbed. Wide folding doors allow you to let the outside in and the hotel organizes safari drives and game walks so that you can see everything you came for. In Kenya, Dodo’s Tower is a luxury boutique way to see the big and small game up close. It’s expensive, but worth every penny, as a private airstrip allows you to go wherever you want to, the excellent cuisine can be served as you watch the sun go down from your balcony and you are free to drink in the sights and sounds of Kenya’s Lake Naivasha.

What can I see on Safari?

These holidays are designed to let you see big game and other wildlife in its natural habitat. There is nothing more astounding than being in the same environment as animals you’ve only ever seen in a zoo or on the television. The plains of Africa are home to a huge number of species, but most people want to see elephants, giraffes, big cats, zebras, hippos and birds. Whatever your particular interest, the guides arranged by boutique hotels can tailor your trip to give you the best chance of seeing it. In addition to the animals, don’t forget to pay close attention to the landscape itself. The wide plains, lakes and volcanic formations all make for stunning photographs and unforgettable memories – and the perfect backdrop for some stunning sunrises and sunsets.

How do I get around?

Once you’ve arrived at the airport, you will need to drive or take a connecting flight to the game reserve. This can be organized for you by your hotel, who may also be able to arrange your tours. These will either be in 4×4 jeeps or special minibusses. You can also take safari walks with a trained guide, charter an aircraft or take a hot air balloon ride.

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Here is a picture of elephants that you can experience.



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Luxury Hotels In Crete For A Top Honeymoon Package

Luxury Hotels In Crete For A Top Honeymoon Package

The Top Luxury Hotels in Crete are amongst the top hotels on the Greek Islands, and Crete Luxury Holidays are amongst the top in the Meditteranean When you come to make a decision about a Greek Island Vacation, you really shouldn’t look any further than Crete. If you want to take a Honeymoon in Europe, then you can get some of the best European Honeymoon Packages directly from the hotels themselves.

Crete is the biggest of the Greek Islands.

When you look at the sheer scale of the island, it measures over 150 miles from East to West, and 37 miles between the North and South Coast. There is everything from mountains, with totally unspoiled villages to very busy resorts on the beach.

Whether you are looking for a Romantic Hotel or a honeymoon hotel

a Spa Hotel, and intimate Hotel, a Boutique hotel, or a Hip Hotel, then Crete has them all.

What follows are brief descriptions of a few of the top luxury hotels in Crete hotels which might be what you are looking for when you are deciding on either a Crete Luxury Holiday or a European Honeymoon Package.

The Elounda Mare Hotel, Elounda with 215 suites and villas, is easily the best luxury hotel in Crete if not one of the top resort hotels in Europe. Some of the villas have their own pool, and you can enjoy everything from golf to tennis, and all the watersports you can think of.

Istron Bay Hotel, Istro, Agios Nikolaos is incredibly well hidden built into a cliff face below road level, with several floors, huge rooms with large balconies overlooking the bay. This luxury hotel is definitely one for foodies as the restaurant is award-winning.

Palazzo Rimondi, Rethymno has 21 rooms and is made up of several 15th Century Venetian houses hidden away in the back streets of Rethymno’s Old Town. The rooms in the hotel retain much of the original features, but all the enormous rooms, which are really suites, are very up to date and stylishly comfortable. This hotel is for the connoisseur of historical buildings that have been modernized but are still in keeping with their surroundings.

Casa Delfino, Chania is a 17th Century former palace situated in the most beautiful town on Crete. The Venetian harbor of Chania is very beautiful and as befits the best hotel in the town it overlooks the harbor from its private roof terrace. It is quite hidden away in the old town with beautiful rooms, each with a marble Jacuzzi, and the rooms are all off a superb central courtyard.

Casa Leone, Chania is a 600-year-old mansion hidden away in the back streets of the Old Town. It has a rooftop terrace overlooking the Venetian harbor. It has been restored quite beautifully and furnished with antiques but has all the modern conveniences that 21st-century guests demand. If you can; get a room overlooking the por.t

All of these top luxury hotels in Crete would fit the bill if you want a luxurious honeymoon in Europe. Why not split things up and stay in two or three of them!!

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Mauritius Luxury Holidays At Dinarobin Golf And Spa Hotel

Mauritius Luxury Holidays At Dinarobin Golf And Spa Hotel

Mauritius 5 star Luxury Holidays are the choice of tens of thousands of holidaymakers every year, and this number is rising rapidly. It is about an eleven hour flight from most European departure cities to this Indian Ocean Hideaway.

Some people choose the Dinarobin Golf and Spa Hotel, and there must be some good reasons that make them choose this hotel for their package holiday in Mauritius. Indeed Dinarobin has become a popular destination for a Mauritius honeymoon as well as a Mauritius package holiday.

Perhaps it is the scenery, because the exclusive resort of Dinarobin, which has excellent facilities, is surrounded by dramatic scenery and sits adjacent to over four miles of immaculate white sand beach. There is excellent diving here, and the resort of Dinarobin is a great place for couples so well suited if you are planning a honeymoon in Mauritius.

You will find the Dinarobin Golf and Spa Hotel on the very attractive southwest corner of Mauritius, with Le Morne mountain making a great backdrop, and it is about a one hour drive from the airport.

The hotel consists of a series of thatched villas in tropical gardens facing the beautiful beach. Each villa has between two and six suites.

Each suite at Dinarobin has a large and private verandah and is furnished with natural wood and bamboo.

When it comes to recreation, there are a huge number of things to do on land and water. These include the following free activities: Water skiing, windsurfing, use of kayaks, pedal boats, glass bottom boat trips, snorkeling, on and under the water.

There are also three tennis courts, a fitness center, sauna, and steam, again all complimentary.

Also available, although you do have to pay are scuba diving, deep sea fishing, golf on an eighteen hole international standard course at the sister hotel the Paradis which is next door, and there is a 24-hour shuttle service between the two hotels. The golf course whilst not demanding for the expert, is nevertheless well kept, and very attractive, plus the fact it isn’t that expensive!!

Dinarobin also has Mountain biking as a paid extra for those who insist upon exercise on their honeymoon or luxury 5-star vacation in Mauritius.

The Dinarobin is a hotel that positively welcomes children, and there is a mini club for the 3-12-year-olds and tennis, water sports, and golf coaching for the teenagers as well as a games room. For those people with small children, there is also a paid babysitting service so you can enjoy the three restaurants with this reassurance.

The children’s club is very well staffed, well structured, and plenty to keep the children amused. They can eat lunch there with the staff, and this costs about £10, then dinner is free, with good menu choices. It stays open until 11 pm.

This leaves parents free to eat alone, and the buffet restaurant is popular with a different theme every night of the week. Excellent dining should be a feature of any Luxury Holiday and Dinarobin in Mauritius makes it a feature.

L’Harmonie is open for all meals and has themed evenings. Saveurs des Iles is a fusion of French & Mauritian and is open six nights a week, and Le Morne Plage on the beach opens for lunch and a few ‘Lobster Evenings’. Guests can also eat at the sister hotel Le Paradis

One of the outstanding features of your holiday in Mauritius at the Dinarobin, especially for the bone idle who like to relax is the top class Clarins Spa, and that is not to forget the beauty salon for the ladies.

The senior suites are especially worthwhile at the Dinarobin, and they have the added touches which can make or break a luxury holiday in Mauritius, and it is worth exploring all the options with your travel agent to get the best possible price for your package holiday. There are enormous price variations, and with some online research as well you’ll be surprised at the deals that are possible to bring a senior suite within your reach, especially if you are choosing Mauritius and the Dinarobin for your honeymoon vacation.

The Senior Suites are lovely, large, plenty of space, with a walk-in shower in the bathroom, and right next to the beach, so if you are on the ground floor you can walk straight out onto the beach.

There is a separate club for those guests in a senior suite, and you can choose to take breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and then drinks before dinner which is free, including champagne, and canapés. The free drinks help you make quite a saving compared to buying drinks in the hotel itself.

The Dinarobin is a year-round destination although tropical storms can occur between November and April, and there will be cool winds from June to September. You can have a very worthwhile Mauritius Luxury Holiday here.

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What To Do And See On Your Cuba Holidays

What To Do And See On Your Cuba Holidays?

Something I often find myself getting asked from friends and relatives who know my expertise on the island is what the average Cuban holiday actually involves. This is a question I simultaneously love and hate answering – I love it because it gives me an opportunity to chat at length about a topic I love, but I hate it because if they’ve asked that question it means I’m going to be there for a while. You see, simply put, there is no ‘average’ Cuban holiday, and everyone goes to the island for different reasons and receives a unique experience in return. The experience holidaymakers get on their holidays can be relaxed, cultural, exhausting or breathtaking – but never forgettable.

For a start there’s the accommodation – your ‘average’ holidaymaker will first have to decide whether they want to stay in the lap of luxury in a five-star resort, or to opt for the basic but more authentic experience of staying in a private house with a local. Whichever style accommodation you opt for, what you choose to with your days is the next point at which the idea of a stereotypical holiday shatters: You could choose to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and charming caves at the stunning Vinales Valley, enjoy the open roads and unexplored areas of the island with a hire car (the roads are virtually deserted, as evidenced by the dozens of hitch-hikers) or be that little more active with some horse-riding or diving to discover the wreckages of sunken ships!

Cuba Havana is an area I have already written articles about (and no doubt bored those who have asked me to death with my desire to share my enthusiasm) but it really does deserve a mention here for the ample and varied opportunities it provides holidaymakers. Culture vultures will delight in the museums, while music aficionados will be truly taken with the salsa clubs and live jazz that is hard to miss in the city. The big city life gives the capital a real energy, and with a population of around 2,000,000 it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of the place, which at times feels an uneasy mix between modern metropolis and 1950s throwback – part of the charm of the place is its seeming fixation of classic cars that you just don’t find (still working) anywhere else in the world! And escaping the big city life is easy – the beautiful white sands of Havana’s beach is just a 30-minute trip away from the town center.

But a Cuba holiday isn’t just about Havana,

and while it would be very easy to spend your whole holiday there and feel you’d taken in so much that you must have seen everything, the truth is that you’d be majorly missing out.

Take Varadero for example – as Cuba’s biggest beach resort with an impressive 12-mile long peninsula, this is the ideal spot for those looking to experiment with water sports or diving on their holidays. Then there’s Trinidad, which history buffs will delight in: the quaint village feels virtually unchanged in 300 years and as a result, is positively steeped in history. Or for more recent highlights in the island’s history, who could resist a trip to Santiago de Cuba – a cradle of the Cuban revolution and nowadays a luxury spot for foreign visitors to the island?

There are hundreds of ways you could spend your Cuban holidays and I’m really only scratching the surface. Spend your whole time on one activity, or mix and match your hobbies to create a unique Cuban adventure, one thing’s for sure: There’s no such thing as a typical Cuban holiday.

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Laidback Luxury In The Caribbean

Laidback Luxury In The Caribbean

Experience luxury Caribbean holidays in Jamaica. Think white sandy beaches, great music, exotic food, unique history and an endless multitude of activities to keep you entertained. A visit to Jamaica is a holiday like no other.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are amongst the most popular activities on the island. Visitors are also given the opportunity to absorb in the rich history of Jamaica, dating back to the days of plantations and slavery, on various cultural tours and guides.

The main cities of interest on the island are Kingston, Ocho Rios, Negril, and Montego Bay. Montego Bay was visited by Columbus in May 1494 and named Montego Bay “El Golfo de Buen Tiempo,” or Bay of Good Weather. Home to wealthy planters and still visited by the rich and famous today, it has remained one of the most famous destinations in the world. The Bay has some fantastic beaches with superb sea views from the hills. The main tourist areas of the town are east of Sam Sharpe Square whilst the main resorts and hotels are to the north conveniently located between the town and the Sir Donald Sangster International Airport. Montego Bay has the best collection of golf courses in Jamaica. Tyrell an 18 hole Golf Course is one of the best in the area. Many tournaments are held here, the course originally built on a 19th Century sugar plantation. Reggae worshipers will want to visit the Bob Marley experience, a 68 seater theatre celebratinthe life and works of the great artist.

The Caribbean

Ocho Rios is also located on the northern side of the island and is the second major tourist town. Attracting more than 700,000 tourists each year Ocho Rios offers excellent accommodation, beaches, and lush vegetation. Described as the garden center of Jamaica, in particular, the area of the Dunn’s River Falls is a sight to behold. A series of waterfalls cascade from the mountains towards the sea and can be experienced first hand as Jamaican guides navigate groups to climb their way up the falls. 007 fans can delight in visitinthe James Bond Beach in a town of Oracabessa, just West of Ocho Rios and take a helicopter tour or go horseback riding along the beach.

Kingston is the capital of the island, lying on a wide plainthe sea to the South and the St. Andrew Mountain as its backdrop in the north. The town was built on the waterfront and has the seventh largest natural harbor in the world, here you will find people enjoyinthe sunshine, conversing and buying the local produce. A modern and bustling city Kingston never sleeps and there is a wealth of facilities from restaurants to gift shops for tourists.

Lose yourself in the rhythm and experience of Jamaica…it’s what sets it apart from otheluxury island holidays.

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Captivating beach waiting for you.


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Enjoy Luxury Vacations With Greece Yacht Charters

Enjoy Luxury Vacations With Greece Yacht Charters

The history, culture, and beauty of Greece Yacht Charters attract tourists throughout the year, most of whom stay in a variety of villas or other mainstream accommodations. Those who wish to truly enjoy the fullest experience of life in the Aegean, however, do so by way of the sailboat, bareboat, yacht or other forms of watercraft that enables them to combine the pleasures of the land and the sea.

Personal and Vacation Greece Yacht Chartering

• Alpha Yachting – Available for viewing at, this facility offers a wide variety of models of motor yachts, sailing yachts, bareboat and motor sailing yachts. Crewed charter rentals can be acquired that are bound for destinations which include Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, and France. Choose from among at least five itineraries that have been artfully designed for you by the experts at Alpha Yachting, for a holiday cruise that you’ll not soon forget.

• Yachting Power – Famous for their luxurious bareboat yachting charters in Greece, they offer a full fleet of breathtaking vessels that will appeal to the multitudes. Located near the Kalamaki Marina in Athens, they own some of the finest sea-going vessels that can be found today, including high-performance boats such as the Sun Odyssey 54 DS and the Oceanic 473 – large boats of breathtaking design and luxury. Visit their website at for a look at their line of vessels and to obtain information regarding a vacation package.

• Poseidon Charters – This worldwide operation has an office that’s based in Athens, in addition to their main base of operations in the Mediterranean. With a total of 350 yachts and 15 bases, Poseidon Charters offers various charter opportunities, servicing guests with novice to expert level sailing skills. Whether you prefer to charter your own private yacht to visit Greek islands and the surrounding areas or sign on to an archeological adventure cruise, you’ll have the time of your life on one of the many top-of-the-line yachts that are made available to you through the folks at Poseidon Charters. For more information, visit their website at

• Odyssey Sailing – Officially registered and bonded with the Greek National Tourist Organization and a member of the Hellenic Yacht Brokers Association, this facility provides a comprehensive line of yacht charters and vacation packages throughout the Aegean territory. Specialized vacations include those which offer bareboat yachts, crewed sailing yachts, luxury cruises, flotilla holidays, fully crewed motor sailers, luxury crewed sailing yachts, luxury crewed motor yachts and one-way yacht charters, in addition to special offers and discounts on specialized sailing holidays. Odyssey Sailing, found at, along with their sister site, at, can meet the needs of any traveler, with their extensive fleet and full-service vacation accommodations.

• Top Yacht – Whether you’re looking for a crewed, skippered, gulet or bareboat experience, this facility can cater to your every whim. This UK based organization offers chartered yachts to Greece and its surrounding areas, as well as a variety of special offers that can be found throughout the year by visiting their online website at Choose your own vessel, according to the number of births, cabins, and length of watercraft that you prefer, enabling you to customize your excursion to meet your particular needs. As specialists in state-of-the-art yachting equipment, the folks at Top Yacht offer a fully informational website that will help you to plan your Greek vacation.

For about the same price as an exotic vacation with luxury hotel accommodations, you can treat yourself and family or friends to an outstanding vacation and enjoy adventures on both land and sea – effectively offering two vacations for the price of one.

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